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Why You Should Choose Alternatives to Soda

November 24, 2021 9:20 pm

Many kids drink at least one soda every day. This sugary, bubbly drink may taste yummy but it can increase your child’s risk of dental disease.

Why Is Soda Bad for My Child’s Oral Health?

Sodas are high in sugar. As bacteria in the mouth feast upon sugar, they produce acidic byproducts. These acids damage enamel, the outer layer of teeth, by stripping away its minerals. Soda (including sugar-free soda) is also acidic due to the carbonation. Sodas are typically slowly sipped, which means the teeth are constantly coated in sugar and the mouth stays at a lower pH than desirable. If areas of demineralized enamel are not fortified, the results can include tooth decay, bad breath, tooth discoloration, infection, and even tooth loss.

What Should My Child Drink Instead of Soda?

When searching for a soda alternative, you want to pay attention to the amount of sugar and acidic compounds in a beverage. It’s best to select a drink with as little sugar and acid as possible, such as water! Sparkling water without sugar and citrus flavorings is also OK. Milk, vegetable juice, and fruit juice without added sugar can also be part of a healthy, balanced diet when given as part of a meal for children over 1 year old. However, these beverages should be consumed in moderation due to the additional calories and sugar.

Dietary Choices Matter to Your Overall Health

The drinks and food you put in your body don’t only affect your dental health. Your diet impacts your body’s health and energy capacity. Teach your children healthy eating habits when they’re young so they develop a habit of choosing and enjoying nutrient-dense foods and tooth-friendly beverages. For more information and resources, check out MyPlate. You can explore different food groups (like fruit, vegetables, and grains), find recipes, and access a personalized MyPlate Plan.

Oral Healthcare at Clover Kids Dental in Columbus, OH

If you’re concerned about your child’s health, removing soda from their diet can make a huge difference! We also recommend brining your child to Clover Kids Dental for regular cleanings and exams to help prevent dental disease. We provide comprehensive dental care for children of all ages.

If you have questions about how your child’s eating habits might be affecting their smile or if you’re ready to schedule their next dental appointment, please contact us today!

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